The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe ™ is a children’s picture book series about two lovable dogs named Burnie and Chloe who become unlikely friends. Created by a dog mom, the stories are based on real-life events and highlight the personalities of both dogs. Young children will undoubtedly enjoy the cute and colorful illustrations. Parents and grandparents will enjoy the stories highlighting friendship and the bond between Burnie and Chloe. The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe ™ books will quickly become fast favorites to read with your family.

We love Adventures

Hi, we are Burnie and Chloe. Our tails wag just thinking about the adventures we have together. Whether we are sniffing interesting things outside or chasing a squirrel, the world is full of so much to explore! But our adventures aren’t just about sniffing and playing. Sometimes, they take us to new places we’ve never seen before. And the best part is that we always have each other by our side. If Chloe gets a little scared of a loud noise, I will help her feel brave again. And if I go into the words a little too far, Chloe will bark me back on track. Adventures are much more fun when you share them with a friend! 

Our Books

Woof woof! You love adventures, right? Well, Chloe and I love them too, and guess what? We’ve got a whole series of books about our amazing escapades! In the first book, “Burnie Makes a New Friend,” I meet Chloe for the first time, and she encourages me to overcome a challenge and embrace our differences. Book two, “Burnie Explores the Neighborhood” has me chasing rabbits in the woods and getting lost when I don’t heed Chloe’s advice. In book three, “Chloe Gets Scared,” I help Chloe to be brave when there is a strange noise in the house.  

There are so many more awesome adventures to tell you about, and each book is a brand-new escapade! So, if you’re looking for a pawsome read filled with tail-wagging fun and exciting mysteries, check out all the books in our series! You’ll be immersed in a vibrant world of colors alongside us as we explore our world, make new friends, and learn about friendship. Where will our wet noses lead us next? Dive into our book series full of tail-wagging surprises and get your copies today!

What Our Readers are Saying

The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Burnie Makes a New Friend is a charming story that teaches readers the importance of giving others a second chance & remembering friends come in all colors & sizes.


The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Burnie Explores the Neighborhood story opens the door for parents & teachers to discuss the importance of following rules, asking for permission, & not traveling alone. 


This charming children’s book, The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Chloe Gets Scared with its engaging storyline, adorable characters, and simple text make it an ideal choice for independent readers.

In The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Burnie Misses His Family, join Chloe as she shows Burnie what fun can be had when you embrace change and are open to new adventures! I recommend you share this spectacular story of the Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Burnie Misses His Family with your family and/or class.

I enjoyed reading The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Burnie Meets a Chipmunk, and I know your family will, too. I recommend this book and every book in the Burnie and Chloe series!

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