Finding Your Pack Like Burnie!

Hey everyone! Today, we’re talking about our furry friend Burnie, a pup who loves spending time outdoors!

Sniffing Out Fun

Like most dogs, Burnie loves the fresh air. The neighborhood is the perfect place to explore, sniff around, and meet new friends! He gets especially excited when he sees other dogs.

Wagging Tails and Wet Noses

Some dogs Burnie meets get a big, happy greeting! He wags his tail like a furry metronome and thoroughly sniffs them (it’s how dogs say hello!).

These particular pups are Burnie’s “best buds.” They’re the dogs he loves to play with the most, the ones who make going outside extra fun.

Not Every Sniff Leads to a Friend

But sometimes, Burnie runs into other dogs who bark at him. Even though they’re barking, Burnie ignores them! He knows they’re not his kind of playmates.

Lessons Learned

There are two important things we can learn from Burnie:

Find your pack!

Burnie has his best buds, the dogs he loves to play with. Like Burnie, finding friends who share your interests and make you happy is important!

It’s okay to say, “no thanks.”

Sometimes you might meet someone who isn’t your kind of friend. Just like Burnie ignores the barking dogs, walking away from someone who isn’t making you feel good is okay.

So next time you’re outside, keep your eyes peeled for your own “pack!” It could be other kids who love to play or even a friendly dog like Burnie!



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